How Content Marketing is Like Mardi Gras

Dechay Watts

Written by Dechay Watts on Tue, Feb 21, 2012

mardi gras beads 7566It's Fat Tuesday, and time for Mardi Gras along the Gulf Coast, which we call home. Mardi Gras is about celebrating diversity and uniting people under a common theme. FUN! In content marketing, people are also drawn together through shared interests, communities and information.  Here are four ways to put a little Mardi Gras in your content marketing and let the good times roll!

Find Your Krewe.

Every Mardi Gras parade is sponsored by a Krewe. Are you a Reveler? Diva? Hip Hugger? Bayou Gypsie? Warrier? Mayoki Indian? Jester? While there are dozens of Mardi Gras Krewes along the Gulf Coast, each with their own rules and traditions, there is a general framework that binds them together. Your Krewe represents who you are and unites people of similar interests. Content marketing works the same way by joining together people who share a common need, interest or expertise through a community of social networks, industry blogs, customers and events.

Know the Parade Route.

It's easy to get lost or left behind in a pile of beads and squished moon pies during Mardi Gras if you don't know what route to take. Just like in content marketing, you have to plan ahead with editorial calendars, schedules and content style guides to make sure you stay on course and reach your final destination (or audience).

Make Eye Contact Before Tossing Beads.

Like beads, content comes in lots of colors, shapes and sizes. Before tossing a blog post or article out to the crowd, identify your target, make eye contact, choose the right type, and aim for a specific person. If you don't, your content might end up washed away in the gutters or dangling from the trees, just like wayward Mardi Gras beads.  Of course, if its a good fit, you might find the crowd sharing it with others and wanting more!

Content is King (Cake)

King Cake 1Unlike ordinary cake, King Cake, a Mardi Gras tradition, is not intended as just dessert.  It's a special treat done up in Mardi Gras colors of green, purple and gold and contains a tiny surprise inside - a little plastic baby! You never know when you might find the hidden baby - and become king of the party. Just like in content marketing, you never know when you might publish the right piece with a great little nugget of information that makes your content king. “Who got da baby?”

Laissez les bons temps rouler!

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