How to Create Evergreen Blog Content

Dechay Watts

Written by Dechay Watts on Wed, Nov 30, 2011

evergreenEvergreen blog content is content that stays relevant for a long period of time.  It consists of topics that are fresh, forever green, today, tomorrow and a year from now.  Evergreen content can live on a blog with little maintenance or updating, which means less maintenance for a business blogger and more value for your blogging community.

How do you write content that is Evergreen?

  1. Leave out dates. Unless your blog covers hot news topics or cutting-edge technology releases, it is safe to leave out dates in your blog posts.
  2. Be strategic about using current events. Blog posts that tie into a news story or current event can be a great way to gain traffic temporarily.  Once the topic is “old news,” the post loses its relevance and may even make your blog seem outdated if there are no evergreen topics to fill in. Keep your blog useful for the long-term by incorporating evergreen content in the mix.
  3. Consider timeless how-to topics like this LOHAS post about 30 Great Books that Teach Children to be Green. Remember, visitors can read, link to and share any URL via social networks.  How to tips and lists with interesting information have lasting value.

Have you read any evergreen blog topics that you have found yourself going back to months later?  Leave a comment and let us know.

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