Sprint Targets Eco-Conscious Consumers with Mobile Content

Dechay Watts

Written by Dechay Watts on Wed, Nov 30, 2011

sprint mobile contentFor the first time since switching to AT&T to become iPhone devotees, we're a little jealous of Sprint users.  Sprint’s new Green ID Pack lets customers download eco-friendly content directly to their smartphones.  Sprint created the new “pack” to provide customers in their sustainability target market with content they will find valuable. It’s a great example of a brand using content to encourage loyalty and connect with users. Valuable content like this could even attract new Sprint users. (Come on AT&T, don’t make us envious of other providers, copying is the biggest form of flattery!)

The Green ID Pack is intended to help users live a greener, eco-friendly lifestyle by providing instant access to environmental news, tips, widgets and tools.  It curates content from TreeHugger.com, Green America, the National Audubon Society, and many other well-known green resources.  The content is also divided into specific sub-categories (Green Now, Live Green, Shop Green, Take Action) for added clarity. On just one screen, users can access content like:

  • Green Shopping Resources – save money with a widget from GreenDeals.org, connect to sustainable home products from eBayGreen, and enjoy a boutique experience with EcoEtsy.com.
  • Eco-Friendly Living Ideas –find recycling drop off sites from Earth911.com and tips from Green America.
  • Sustainable News –read the latest TreeHugger.com articles, check out TreeHugger’s tweets, and share content via email, Facebook or Twitter.
  • Healthy Living Tips – use Seasonal Harvest Lite to find local farmers and seasonal produce.

The Green ID Pack provides valuable content that keeps users informed, helps them save money, and delivers a positive lifestyle experience. Through mobile content focused on sustainability, Sprint will create and nurture relationships with loyal customers and keep them coming back for more.

Any Sprint users out there?  Have you tried the pack yet?  Leave us a comment. We’d love to hear what you think.

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