4 Tips for a Successful Website Content Audit

Debbie Williams

Written by Debbie Williams on Tue, Nov 29, 2011

content auditA website content audit produces the same benefits as cleaning out your closet. As the seasons change most of us try to avoid the fact that our closets are half full with things we haven’t worn (or fit) since the 20th century.  We save things for so long they may eventually come back in style.  Really, if you were old enough to wear it the first time, you shouldn’t go there again.

Fashion changes fast. But technology changes even faster, and sometimes it feels impossible to keep up (some feel that way about fashion too). Just as your clothes can tell a bit more about you are, your company website represents your image online. Now you wouldn’t be caught dead wearing those Wranglers from the 80s right?  Well don’t let your website be a relic either.

How Often Should I do a Website Content Audit?

Just as you clean out your closet once a year, doing a web content audit yearly is essential too.

Think of it as hiring a personal shopper to fill your closet with custom made clothes that maximize all of your assets. The same is true for your business. The words on your website should be a custom fit for your company. The content should be tailored, tweaked, and altered to communicate your background, experience and offerings like no one else’s. It’s content couture.

If your website content remains stagnant without regular changes or updates, it will become as useful as that fringed vest hanging at the back of your closet. The site will be pushed further and further back on the search rankings list until it’s lost in the dust bunnies of cyberspace.

How do I Audit My Website Content?

If your website content is relevant, current, and updated, it will never go out of style.  Here are some simple ways to audit your content and make sure it’s not stuck in the past.

  1. Ensure your story is up to date. Has there been any company news, hires, awards, or milestones reached?
  2. Sell your services. Have there been changes to your business model or offerings?
  3. Update your keywords. Do you know the most common words searched for related to your business?  Incorporating those keywords into your content makes your site come up higher in rankings.
  4. Review you blog posts. Writing regularly about related industry topics positions you as an expert and lends to your credibility. Review your blog posts to make sure the information is still relevant and timely.

Stars hire stylists, businesses hire consultants, treat your website to a makeover with a website content audit.

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