3 Key Benefits of a Content Style Guide

Debbie Williams

Written by Debbie Williams on Tue, Nov 29, 2011

An important part of the content marketing strategy is the creation of a content style guide. This is a document that clearly defines your company positioning, voice, offerings, and the essential words and ideas that tell your brand story.

A content style guide not only sets the foundation for website content and all other content initiatives, but it makes the whole content development process much more efficient. Here are a few key benefits of developing a content style guide for your brand:

  1. Establishes your voice: Clarifying your brand’s voice, tone and personality is very important in a highly competitive landscape. Many companies (Method, Apple, Origins, Bliss to name a few) have really distinct brand voices, making them clearly stand out from the competition. But all too often, companies create bland content using industry jargon and catchphrases (we’re the best, fastest, smartest!) that really say nothing about who they are and what they do. A content style guide establishes your company voice to keep your messaging consistent and relevant.
  2. Fine tunes brand positioning: Zeroing in on the core ideas and strengths that distinguish your company from the competition will bring your brand story to life. Believe it or not, many times companies can’t even tell us exactly what they do and what their business is all about. A content style guide carves out your unique position. It tells the story of how you do what you do, and what you do differently.
  3. Identifies buyer personas: Your target audience is the reason you’re in business to begin with. When you are aware of who your products and/or services are for, you can create content that is helpful for a specific person. A content style guide outlines buyer personas to enable your company, or a content marketing agency, to create content that meets the needs of specific people (ie. retirement investors, vegans, men over 50 who love golf and green socks) will make more meaningful connections with your audience.

Do you have a content style guide for your brand or business? If not, would you like to create on now?

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