Content Marketing Predictions for 2011

Debbie Williams

Written by Debbie Williams on Sun, Nov 27, 2011

content marketing 2011For the third year in a row, Junta42surveyed content marketing industry insiders on their  predictions for the coming year. Needless to say, as the industry continues to boom and take over traditional marketing, the number of insights and contributors has more than doubled.  

Here are a few of our favorite content marketing and social media predictions for 2011. Check out the whole feature here. 

  • Marketing firms will need to evolve to meet the growing demand for outsourced content creation. This requires hiring and developing social-media savvy copywriters or a content marketing agency with the ability to generate content that engages audiences and motivates them to take action. – Paul Roetzer,
  • Brand marketers will begin to finally “get” and ultimately embrace, the idea that it is much better for their customers to tell their stories and share their stories than for them to continue to try to control the entire message. – Lisa Petrilli,
  • In 2010, companies really started to understand that content isn’t “just copy”; it’s complicated, it’s a commitment and requires dedicated resources to get it right….2011 will see brand marketers begin to approach content planning more strategically. They’ll recognize the need to work a content marketing strategy to create a viable plan to create/curate, share and govern the content. Marketers will also start asking for the resources to invest in dedicated editorial staff to continually audit content, measure results and iteratively improve the customer’s content experience. – Kristina Halvorson,
  • The best information will be “commercial-free” and design to educate and inform. – Michael A Stelzner,
  • Outsourcing will be the name of the content marketing game in 2011. Lack of time, talent and specialized skills will drive more and more marketers to third party specialists. – Newt Barret,
How do you see the content marketing world evolving in 2011?

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