Yoga Journal Uses Email Marketing to Challenge their Audience

Dechay Watts

Written by Dechay Watts on Mon, Nov 28, 2011 is a hub for amazing content.  It’s one of those sites that you visit with an intention in mind, like to look up information on a particular yoga pose.  Then an hour later find yourself still on the site reading about eco mats, listening to podcasts, and ordering videos.

During one plunge into the vast content of, I came across the 21-Day Yoga Challenge and signed up.  The challenge was to practice yoga every day for 21 days, even if for 10 minutes.  The offer promised to provide an insightful yoga video each day to help you along.

For 21 days, Yoga Journal sent out a very concise email explaining the sequence, length and purpose of that day’s practice with a picture inspiring action.  All I had to do was click the video in the email they sent.  The content was very simple and rewarding.

Here are screenshots from the email they sent on Day 1, Day 8 and Day 15 of the challenge – each a week apart.  Do you see any similarities in the content?

You may not see similarities at first glance.  I know I didn’t.  Different pictures, different titles, different email content.  But, if you click on any of the screenshots you'll see the likeness lingering behind the content.  Each mail promotes the same video!  Turns out every 7 days they repeated the previous week’s sequence, but titled the videos differently and created fresh email content.  This means that YogaJournal created 21 days worth of email marketing content and a fantastic challenge for their users with only 7 videos! Nice job reimagining that content Yoga Journal.

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