An Inbound Agency Offers Top Tips for B2B Tech Marketers

Andrea Miller

Written by Andrea Miller on Fri, Jun 09, 2017

One of the benefits of working at an inbound marketing agency is the abundance of expert advice available at any given time. We constantly advise our B2B clients on their marketing strategies with our agile approach, and we're always happy to make suggestions to each other as well. We asked some of our team members to narrow down that plethora of advice down to their top tip for B2B tech marketers. As you'll see, there are definitely some common themes, including creating the right buyer personas, ditching the jargon in your content and remembering that prospects don't know as much about your products and services as you do.

Here's our advice for you, and feel free to pass it on to others.  

Dechay Watts, Chief Strategy Officer

dechay watts, chief strategy officer SPROUT Content inbound marketing agencyRemember that B2B still involves people. A business doesn’t make decisions about technology or SAAS products. A person at the business makes these decisions. That being said, don’t assume this person knows anything about your products, services, or even how your technology could fit into their business needs. Adhere to the age old saying that “there is no such thing as a stupid question” and provide educational content that hits on every angle of their potential pain points. 

People at businesses today feel they should come to the table with a depth and breadth of knowledge to be as smart as you. They want to be prepared to know the right questions to ask. Nobody wants to look stupid. So, help them out with clear content that meets them where they are in their research. No matter how innovative, exceptional, and ground-breaking your technology might be, you’ll have much more success with your B2B marketing if you deliver it from the angle of a professor than a salesperson.

Debbie Williams, Chief Content Officer

Debbie Williams, Chief Content Officer, SPROUT Content inbound marketing agencyJust like you need to create content in relatable, easy-to-understand language, that addresses your audience’s challenges, your SEO strategy needs to follow those same guidelines.  Think about the terms and phrases that your customers and prospects would actually use to search for solutions to their challenges, not just the industry tech terms or “techlish” that might be common in your industry to describe your services and tools.  

Another important thing to consider is that social media is a powerful and important tool, not something that should be delegated to an intern or junior level employee with 10 other responsibilities. Social channels like Twitter are powerful platforms for tech companies to not only share the content you’re creating, but to pay attention to what industry peers, the media and your target audience is talking about, and to engage in conversations with them. Your brand voice and depth of knowledge needs to be consistent across all channels at all times.

Molly Bruno, Inbound Marketing Manager

Molly Bruno, Inbound Marketing Manager SPROUT Content inbound marketing agencyNever lose sight of who your audience is and why you are developing content for them. As a fundamental step in B2B tech marketing, be sure to develop thorough, on-target personas and be diligent about referencing them prior to content development. It’s easy to stray and fall into the habit of writing from an industry expert’s or insider’s perspective. If you get stuck, ask yourself, “what’s the real purpose of this content?’ When you practice blending your expertise with the questions and interests of your personas, you can produce powerful content that can truly work for your business to reach more people, generate leads, or gain new customers.

Sara Quigley, Inbound Marketing Manager

Sara Quigley, Inbound Marketing Manager, SPROUT Content inbound marketing agencySet measurable goals. Metrics tell a story about the health of your marketing efforts, and about the habits of your audience. They help you get to know your audience better and identify opportunities to better engage with them. Setting measurable goals allows your marketing and sales teams to work together, and identify the “how” and “why” behind the efforts of both teams. The next time you begin thinking you need more leads, website visits, or social followers, attach a growth percentage and timeframe to your statement, and create a killer step-by-step strategy to ensure you’ll achieve each of those goals. Goals give you something to strive towards, and to celebrate. Have fun with them!

Katie Frontino, Inbound Marketing Manager, SPROUT Content inbound marketing agency

Katie Frontino, Inbound Marketing Manager

Always keep your personas in mind when you are creating and personalizing blog, social and email content. If you are not creating content that your customers find relatable, you will not be as successful in unlocking prospects or creating leads.

Casey Hudson, Inbound Marketing Strategist

Casey Hudson, Inbound Marketing Strategist, SPROUT Content inbound marketing agencyDon’t forget who your company is.

It’s common to see the next big thing in marketing and want to try it. And sometimes, that’s a good thing. But before you start rounding up your marketers to start a new initiative, think about your company’s brand and purpose. Will the new tactic speak to your audience? Will the results align with your goals? Would the tactic be authentic for your company?

Once your idea for a new marketing initiative passes this first test, it’s time to dig deeper. Really examine your strategy as a whole. Establish whether this new tactic aligns with why you’re currently marketing the way you are. Remember that a strategy takes into account not only your goals, audience, and brand perception, but your resources—including budget, time, and your department or agency’s skills. Knowing who your company is and aligning any new marketing effort with your strategy makes implementation easier and user experience more cohesive. 

Justin Lambert, Content Specialist

Don’t assume anyone knows anything.

Justin P Lambert, Content Specialist, SPROUT Content inbound marketing agencyOK, maybe that’s a slight exaggeration, but the point is this: as someone who lives neck-deep in your technology day in and day out, it’s very easy to start assuming your customers, prospects, and colleagues all know exactly what you do about the ins and outs, but that’s simply not true. Don’t feel like publishing “101” content is beneath you or that it somehow tarnishes the thought leadership role you’re trying to fill. 

In reality, the simple stuff is often the most popular because it’s the most accessible to the highest number of people. And, speaking from my own experience, even readers who assume they’ve read everything there is to read about a subject can appreciate a well-crafted reminder that puts old information in a new light.

Tara McMeekin, Content Specialist, SPROUT Content inbound marketing agency

Tara McMeekin, Content Specialist

Create personas to examine the types of customers that might need your technology or service.

Particularly in the tech area, I think really dialing down on who you’re trying to reach with your product is extremely valuable.

Katie Hall, Social Media and Influencer Specialist, SPROUT Content inbound marketing agency

Katie Hall, Social Media and Influencer Specialist

Talk to your potential audience members in a language they understand.

While your audience may benefit from your product or services, they won’t know that unless they can understand what your content is trying to tell them. Ditch the jargon and use your content to meet your prospects at their awareness levels.

Waverly Loza, Inbound Marketing Manager, SPROUT Content inbound marketing agency

Waverly Loza, Inbound Marketing Manager

Since 48% of emails are opened on a mobile device it is vital that your email marketing campaigns are optimized for mobile devices. By using a responsive email template that will allow images to load correctly and increasing the size of links and CTA buttons you will see a drastic increase in engagement and more success with your lead nurturing campaigns.

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