A Colorado Company Succeeding at Inbound Marketing

Chris Hawkins

Written by Chris Hawkins on Mon, Dec 01, 2014

I attended New CO Boulder recently and had the pleasure of hearing Jason Eckenroth, CEO of ShipCompliant, speak. He talked about what it took to get his business from nearly fizzling out to listed on the Inc. 5000 three years in row.

So it wasn’t surprising to see his company engaging in inbound marketing. Many of the Colorado companies growing like weeds also tend to be using inbound marketing in some way. They are practicing the fundamentals and embracing it because it works.

Let’s look at ShipCompliant and how they are using inbound marketing.

ShipCompliant: A company that creates “compliance and transaction platforms for the beverage alcohol industry.”

In order to successfully implement an inbound marketing program, the right marketing platform is needed. ShipCompliant has this covered with Hubspot. This allows them to easily manage their content, attract, engage and nurture visitors with that content—and of course measure and analyze their efforts.

One of the first things I look at when evaluating a company’s marketing efforts is their blog. Is it user-friendly? Shareable? Educational?


Here are some ways ShipCompliant gets their blogging right:

  • Author, date and titles that clearly explain what you can expect.
  • Social media sharing
  • “Browse by state” option—important because state alcohol laws vary.
  • Subscribe to the blog option
  • It’s a “how-to” so certainly educational
  • On-page external links to additional, relevant resources that will help the reader (Why are companies so scared to link out?)


  • There is a call-to-action at the bottom to give the reader more options to engage with the company


Creating Content Assets

One of the tenets of content/inbound marketing is that you’re providing valuable content that your market wants to consume. ShipCompliant’s blog content certainly gets the job done.

And they have other resources that a prospect might find interesting such as the


This handy tool lets merchants know how much it will cost to ship their wine to each state taking into account licenses, taxes, and report generation costs.

Provide your email, select your state and plug in the numbers.


You’ll get a break-even report: one using ShipCompliant’s solution (green) one without (red):      



ShipCompliant also has other ways to capture prospect information such as a demo, e-books and additional online calculators. One of their e-books is the 30-page “Direct to Consumer Wine Shipping Report” that was written in collaboration with Wines Vines Analytics, the database/research arm of Wines & Vines Magazine.

This is the type of report you would expect to see from a trade association, not from an industry vendor. It’s an excellent way to build thought leadership throughout the beverage market.

Not Perfect but...

I found some navigational issues on the site and some needed tweaks to SEO. Arguably, their social media presence—something I didn’t get into—could be stronger (maybe all this is why they’re looking for a marketing manager).

But ShipCompliant is one Colorado company embracing inbound marketing. They’re using a platform to manage, nurture and measure their marketing. And they’re creating content that is educational, shareable and positions the company as a thought leader.

If your company is thinking about an inbound marketing program, here's a great place to start:

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