9 New HubSpot Tools Revolutionizing Inbound Marketing

Molly Bruno

Written by Molly Bruno on Thu, Sep 10, 2015

HubSpot-around-the-globeCan businesses really succeed without change? To remain competitive and thrive, the answer is likely “no”. Even the most recognizable and consistent brands undergo changes and updates to progress and stay relevant.

The same need to grow goes for inbound marketing. From the first INBOUND Conference in 2012 with 3,000 attendees to last year’s conference of 10,000 attendees, to this year's conference of 14,000 attendees, it’s safe to say a lot has changed, and people are paying attention.

As marketers’ needs have developed, inbound marketing visionaries have led the way with annual updates to the HubSpot platform. As we take on INBOUND 2015, it’s that time again, and HubSpot has released a slew of brand-new tools to address some of the most pertinent issues users face today. Marketers, rejoice!

To get a closer look at these updates, from improving conversions to simplifying content editing to updating website management, here’s a look at the 9 new HubSpot tools revolutionizing Inbound Marketing.


What was once a free plugin strictly for Wordpress sites that offered simple conversion forms and visitor analytics is now a tool compatible for all websites. Ideal for clients not ready for the full HubSpot platform or with a limited budget, Leadin provides simple features that help:

  • Add simple forms and convert visitors to leads on any website.
  • Let users learn more about contacts, like who is visiting and why.
  • Add in info about a contact.
  • Get performance analytics.

We love this option for small businesses with a small need for lead converting or a lower marketing budget.


HubSpot Languages

HubSpot has gone global with 15,000 customers in 90 countries, and continues to reach more marketers around the world. The new international tool has expanded to include Spanish, German, Portuguese, French and Japanese languages to accommodate international users.

The Easy Initiative

As software becomes more robust, it can also become more complex. HubSpot has taken a major initiative to focus on software that is faster, lighter, easier to use. The Easy Initiative includes:

  • A completely redesigned, clearer full-screen interface
  • New editing screens across all content tools (no more separate edit and preview panes)
  • New dashboards across the platform.
  • Better insights
  • Faster list loading

As content development and results measurement remain huge parts of inbound marketing, we’re thrilled about this more efficient and easy approach to editing content and viewing metrics. 

Website Improvements

Historically, managing a website is not an easy process. It can be difficult to edit and update pages when control of the site is in someone else’s hands, and it can result in an outdated site struggling to convert visitors. With HubSpot's COS website, creating and managing a website is much more simplified. In fact, companies that use HubSpot Website Platform see visits rise by 40% and Landing Page submissions increase by 47%. Some of HubSpot’s Website Platform uEmail_Editorpdates include:

  • In-line editors for site pages
  • SEO optimization suggestions now extend to all pages, not just blog posts or landing pages
  • Page preview is available across all pages (including preview for mobile)
  • Easily to build and deploy new websites. Now there are capabilities to build a whole website in a staging area and then go live.
  • Transfer and automatically create pages in Hubspot for website designs
  • Include SSL certificate for better search ranking

Many clients are looking for ways to have their website and marketing tools within one platform. HubSpot’s COS tool is allowing that integration to happen effortlessly.

Predictive Lead Scoring

According to HubSpot, 68% of companies do lead scoring, yet only 40% get value they want. Considering this, it used to be slightly cumbersome to figure out how to allocate points to leads in HubSpot. Now, an algorithm combs through contacts and develops a score on their likeliness to become customer. It also provides suggestions for what to do to convert the leads.

This tool is currently available for clients on the enterprise level and is great for people wanting a data-driven way of finding the most qualified leads. 

The Reporting Add-On Reporting_Add-on_-_Dashboards.jpg-2

Let’s face it: reporting is hard. The new Hubspot reporting add-on provides one dashboard for all reports. It automatically provides 20 go-to base reports to reference and also allows for customization to view your chosen reports. Want to build a reporting template from scratch? Go for it.

The tool provides a simple drag and drop feature to keep the process simplified. Did we mention every user gets their own customizable reporting dashboard? This add-on is the answer to our reporting headaches. 

HubSpot Connect

Different departments or roles can be all over the place within a company. Through the Hubspot Connect integration, you can bring different parts of company into one platform from accounting to customer service. How does it work? Hubspot now integrates with the tools businesses use every day with outside software such as Salesforce or Event Brite. We’re excited about this feature to bring top applications under one roof.

The Ads Add-on

Did you know that 53% of HubSpot customers have tried ads this year? For clients experiencing with adverting or tools to boost campaigns, HubSpot now offers an add-on for paid search ads. Can advertising ever mesh with Inbound? HubSpot is saying yes, Inbound and advertising can work together. This add-on currently works with LinkedIn campaigns and will soon include Google Adwords to show how many conversions turned into MQLs, customers, and finally, revenue.

Sidekick & CRM

Don’t worry, HubSpot hasn’t forgotten about the sales side of things. When it comes to Sidekick and the CRM, updates include:

  • sidekick-connectionsA rebuilt prospects tool that moved the Sales portal. This allows for building a view of prospects, and getting a daily digest.
  • Sidekick Connections. Mutual connections will appear in the sidebar in the Sales portal.
  • Sidekick Sequences. This allows for easy targeting of sales efforts to prospects, sequenced to re-engage with a certain timeframe. This automated process can take place of Outlook reminders and notes.
  • Sidekick + Salesforce. Allows Salesforce to appear in the sidebar in Sales portal.
  • CRM now allows @ mentions.

With so many new tools, integrations and ad-ons available, HubSpotters everywhere are feeling the excitement and possibilities with marketing through HubSpot this year. As a HubSpot Partner, we’re especially looking forward to new HubSpot COS Website capabilities and updated content editing tools. 

“As an Inbound Marketing Agency, we’re always looking for ways to not only improve our marketing efforts, but to provide our clients with the best marketing tools and technologies available. This exciting rollout of new HubSpot innovations will help us gain even stronger insights and help us leverage that data to develop content that continually delivers proven results,” Debbie Williams, Co-Founder and Chief Content Officer at SPROUT Content.

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