5 Ways to Use Vine for Social Media Marketing

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Written by SPROUT Content Contributor on Wed, Aug 19, 2015

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SPROUT Content tells you why to use Vine 

On January 24, 2013, Twitter launched an application that allows you to shoot and share 6-second long looping videos. The simplicity of the design and easy functionality have made Vine a tough contender among its competition.

Within the third week of its release, Vine users captured a whopping 100,000 videos in a single weekend. Since then, it's attracted quite the audience. More and more brands are using Vine as a social media marketing tool. Urban Outfitters, MTV Style, Rolling Stone, General Electric and Adidas are just a few of the brands that were early adopters of Vine.

Here are 5 Tips on How to Successfully use Vine for Social Media Marketing:

The first step is to create authentic and engaging content. Once completed, Vine is an ideal platform to promote and share your video. 

1. Use Time Lapse

It's imperative to deliver a clear message within the 6-second timeframe. Time lapse allows you the opportunity to capture all the required elements to make your short story flow. Take this opportunity to highlight products and services your company has to offer.


This iconic American clothing and accessories retailer knows how to creatively establish corporate identity. With over four decades of multinational success, it's no surprise that Gap would expand their social media presence by utilizing Vine and it's time lapsing capability.

Gap expertly incorporates Vine's Time Lapsing capability


2. Show Personality

You only have 6 seconds to attract your target audience. Make every second count. It’s important to exhibit creativity, uniqueness and originality. Vine enables you to convey authenticity like never before.

Urban Outfitters

This apparel and accessory brand is well aquainted with Vine. Being one of the first companies to showcase their image and products through Vine, UO has definitely set the bar high. These unique and creative videos are a great representation of this company's image.

UO captures personality with Vine


3. Showcase New Content

Vine offers a 6 second platform for marketing new promotional material. Brands can create a video teaser for a new eBook, download or blog article. Make sure the elements you include are visual appealing and engaging for viewers.

USA Today

USA Today is among one of the most circulated newspapers in the Unitied States. As social media continues to grow, newspapers vie to have the greatest online presence. With such stiff competition, it's important to stay ahead of the game. With the help of Vine, USA Today has discovered a new way to promote their daily newspaper.

USA Today Promotes the Daily Paper using Vine


4. Use Hashtags

As with Twitter, Vine also enables the utilization of hashtags for sorting through relevant topics. Hashtags are a great way to reach your target audience while maximizing your company’s exposure. The main objective is to gain more followers for your company. 

Ritz Crackers

The tasty snack crackers wasted no time before taking full advantage of Vine and its infinite possibilities. Before publishing their videos, you can count on Ritz to load up each post with many relevant hashtags. 

RITZ puts Hashtags to good use via Vine


5. Share & Promote 

Widen your reach. Share a link from Vine on Twitter, Pinterest or any other social media marketing platform your company uses. Be sure to promote your business by including a link back to your company website. The next time you write a blog, embed your Vine video into the blog content.

Even Rolling Stone Magazine used Vine as a platform to promote Februrary's issue


Is Vine a good fit for your company? Keep in mind that with Vine, companies have the ability to capture and share life in motion. If used correctly, this 6 second video app can be highly effective for promoting and enhancing your company's social media presence. 

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This post was originally published on 3/25/13 and has been edited and republished on the above date to reflect updated information and for relevancy.

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