4 Traits of Highly Successful Inbound Marketers

Jeannette Dike

Written by Jeannette Dike on Fri, Dec 18, 2015

Traits_of_Successful_MarketersFive things you should do this weekend, 10 ways to organize your office, 4 traits of highly successful inbound marketers.

Our brains love these lists. Why? In a world where we are bombarded by information overload at every turn (especially online), lists—AKA “listicles,” break up information visually so we can quickly pick what’s most important to us right now. Inbound marketing is a noisy world all its own—full of tips and tricks, software reviews and industry trends we are all feverishly integrating into the best inbound strategy. Need a break? Try this: Instead of focusing on what you have to do today for inbound marketing success, give yourself permission to think about who you need to be. High fives to those who already have these four traits of highly successful inbound marketers:

  1. Values quality over quantity—You’ve seen the infographics: the stacks of daily blog posts reaching to the moon. The tweets within a 24-hour period that are enough to fill 8K copies of War and Peace. Highly successful inbound marketers are well aware that no matter how much content they crank out, heads don’t turn unless the content is high quality. Where does that quality come from? First and foremost, inbound marketing content must be written against a keenly researched and well-crafted buyer persona. Pushing out content that has been developed without an end-game in mind is the inbound marketing equivalent to insanity.
  1. Is a process junkie—call it their super power, their secret sauce, their chi—process is what a successful inbound marketer builds their lives (and life’s work) around. Back to all that overload occurring in inbound marketing, it doesn’t take much to turn what you think is a well planned strategy on its head. Putting process around everything you do as an inbound marketer isn’t just a “set it and forget it” kind of thing, either. Like death and taxes, inbound marketing upheavals are certainties. Therefore, having processes around everything—and ones that are documented, disseminated to the right people and easily kept updated—is the only way from keeping small mistakes or misunderstandings from becoming huge inbound marketing fails.
  1. Is innovative x 100—the title “inbound marketer” has quickly gone from something very interesting to something very average. Staying innovative in everything you do is the only way to get noticed above the noise. Successful inbound marketers are leaders not followers. When what they’re doing stops working, innovative inbound marketers forge new paths. Sure, they may make mistakes, but thanks to trait #2, they catch them quickly. Innovators aren’t afraid to fail because they accept failure as part of the process.
  1. Is a question-asking expert—inbound marketing is all about working backwards. If the end result is x, what does everything else look like leading up to that point? From building a profitable strategy to developing targeted content, there’s no scripted set of questions that will flesh everything out each time. Highly successful inbound marketers approach single tasks and entire strategies with the mind of a detective. Whether making discovery calls or interviewing subject matter experts (for example), these question-asking experts know how to start with the best big questions and can develop new ones on-the-fly. This skill makes an inbound marketer adept at gaining the most profitable insight, quickly—leaving no stone unturned.

Have all these already? Great. Back to work you go! Still working on mastering some of them? Don’t worry. Just start with today: Make something of quality. Put a process in place. Change something up. Ask a really good question. Tomorrow? Repeat. These 4 high-value traits will become part of your inbound marketing DNA in no time!

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