4 Brands that Have Successfully Used Quizzes as Performance Content

JP Misenas

Written by JP Misenas on Fri, Nov 20, 2015

JP Misenas is the Content Marketing Director & Audio/Visual Technician/Engineer of Interact, a place for creating entertaining and engaging quizzes that generate email leads. He writes about innovative ways to connect with customers and to build professional long-lasting relationships with them.

4 Brands That Have Successfully Used QuizzesDeveloping Performance Content for your B2B marketing strategy is essential. But what kind of content is having an impactful effect today?

Unless you’ve been paying attention to Buzzfeed, the answer might have flown right under your radar. Social media quizzes have been one of the most underrated, yet effective types of content every marketer should try.

Think a quiz isn't a fit for your inbound marketing strategy? Here are four different B2B brands that have made it work for them. The results come from Interact, who has helped over 10,000 brands create more than 25,000 quizzes. They’ve seen their share of successes (and failures).

We will break down how each of these brands implemented social media quizzes in their marketing strategy, the results they’ve achieved, and an actionable takeaway for you to walk away with. By the end of this article, even you might end up creating your own social media quiz as a part of your marketing strategy.

Quality Over Quantity: How Cloud Sherpas Generates Qualified Leads

Cloud Sherpas is a company specializes in cloud advisory and technology services for the world's leading brands. As a software company that offers advice for successful cloud program execution and other services, Cloud Sherpas created the quiz "How mature is your ServiceNow instance?" for lead generation.

ServiceNow QuizCloud Sherpas' quiz was an assessment that gauged a person's comprehension of service management. After completing the quiz, each individual was informed of his/her level of maturity. Cloud Sherpas followed up with helpful links to nurture each qualified lead. To the general public, the quiz may seem boring, but to Cloud Sherpas' target audience, it was incredibly important as a way of determining the more qualified leads.

By consistently promoting their blog on Facebook with their quiz attached, Cloud Sherpas brings in 3-4 qualified leads a day. Although their lead generation wasn't through the roof, these are 3-4 solid leads they could follow up on.

Here's Your Takeaway From Cloud Sherpas:

Create a quiz that allows you to filter out the good leads from the bad ones. Make it an assessment so that you can monitor which leads are more likely to prospective customers rather than chasing false leads that end up wasting your time. Even if you aren’t generating a large amount of leads, quality over quantity can still go a long way for your brand.

Personalization: How Ipsos Personalizes Customer Correspondence Through A Quiz

Ipsos is a software company specializing in providing innovative, entrepreneurial, and client-focused organizational research services to clients. Because they work so closely with their clients, Ipsos created the quiz "Is Your Approach Hot or Cold?" as a follow-up to emails.

Unlike other brands that promote their quizzes traditionally, Ipsos found a way to distribute their quiz as a means of personalizing customer correspondence. Ipsos added a link to their quiz at the footer of their emails. Whenever an employee is corresponding with a prospective customer, the quiz shows up right at the end of the email.

Ipsos QuizIpsos gets about 1-2 leads per week through this method of distribution. It's a great way to follow-up with potential customers, and it's an even better way to personalize the entire follow-up experience.

Here’s Your Takeaway From Ipsos:

Create an entertaining quiz that you can tag onto the end of your follow-up emails to provide a fun and interactive piece of content that your potential customers can enjoy. This allows your brand to engage your audience in an entirely different way that solidifies customer correspondence.

Reference Material: How Velocity Uses Quizzes As A Permanent Resource

Velocity is a software company that focuses on providing leading services, innovative solutions, accelerated performance and increased efficiency at reduced costs. With their expertise in hosting, infrastructure and management, Velocity created the quiz "The HFM Maturity Assessment" as a means of providing a permanent resource.

Velocity Quiz

Like the first example we looked at, Velocity's quiz also gauges the maturity of knowledge a person has, this time on the Hyperion Financial Management application model (quite the mouthful).

For such a knowledge-driven test, the quiz surprisingly generates at least 4-6 leads per day. This might have to do with the fact that the quiz is featured on a resource page as a permanent fixture to the site.

Here’s Your Takeaway From Velocity:

Create a knowledge test for your company to not only assess your employees, but to as a permanent resource that anyone can go back to. It’ll allow your company to track the progress of its employees as they retake the quiz for better results.

Infrastructure Management: How EMC Uses Quizzes To Keep Tabs On Their Employees

Software giant EMC lets businesses and service providers transform their operations and deliver information technology as a service. Globally known, EMC created the quiz "The Human Model: Leading Transformation" as a way to make sure employees are up-to-date on the happenings within the company and industry as a whole.

EMC QuizAs a good business practice when it comes to keeping up in a fast-paced industry, EMC has to make certain their employees are advancing in knowledge along with the rest of the world.

Instead of using the leads they've generated, EMC created their quiz solely for internal testing. They utilized their quiz as a way of making sure employees were caught up with what was going on within the company and the industry.

Here’s Your Takeaway From EMC:

Create quizzes for your employees that are relevant to your company’s progress, as well as the progression of the industry as a whole. This will keep your employees on their toes, it’ll help your brand remain vigilant in an ever-changing environment.

Now Let’s Tie It Back To You

There's a plethora of content that could work well for your B2B business, but you want a piece of content that not only performs well, but consistently for your marketing strategy.

Social media quizzes are easily overlooked, but if you put them up against the criteria that determines what is considered eligible Performance Content, you’re looking at a reliable addition to your marketing strategy.

Use these four examples of software companies that have successfully implemented social media quizzes in their marketing strategy and see if it works for you. Whether it’s to drive revenue, generate leads, or to fortify your company’s infrastructure, social media quizzes have their uses that marketers shouldn't ignore.

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