Real Results from Content Marketing

We love content marketing for a lot of reasons. It starts conversations, helps marketers tell their story, and lets businesses connect authentically with their audience. Why do we love it the most? Because content marketing delivers results!

Not just the feel good, "we love our new website, "lots of people tweeted my post" results. We're talking statistical data that shows honest-to-goodness ROI.  As in, "a person from Canada visited our site, downloaded our free guide, and placed an order yesterday."  As in, "our dream client recieved our e-newsletter, read our blog, and asked us to bid on an RFP." 

Can content marketing work for you? 

Absolutely. Here are a few of our client case studies to show you the power of content marketing and the results that can be achieved with the right foundation in place:

cPrime_Client_Results_Graphic-1 CASE STUDY: Content Marketing Drives Website Traffic

This leading provider of Agile project management solutions had a long-standing leading role in the Agile niche, but the company's offerings have undergone some changes in recent years that needed to be better communicated online. Watch our video testimonial to see how implementing a blog strategy as part of a larger content marketing plan improved their website stats dramatically.


 expo resultsCASE STUDY: Content Marketing For SEO

This top provider of lead retrieval and trade show registration services had evolved their products and services in the past 10 years, but their website did not reflect those changes. Expo Logic has a great company history and story that was not being fully told. The owner also wanted to rank higher in search results for targeted keywords and had no strategic plan for the content they created. See how content marketing improved their search rankings.



lead genCASE STUDY: Content Marketing Generates Leads

This innovative paper paper-converting company had an outdated website that did not communicate its full scope of products and services. Their website content didn’t tell the story of a fun, creative group with capabilities to serve distributors worldwide. Because the messaging was not clear, the few leads that did come in from the website were not high quality. See how our content marketing services gave their marketing director a valuable lead generating tool.




More Happy SPROUT Content Clients

"SPROUT Content is a highly valued contributor to our editorial output. Here at (a leading online global forum for business buyers and sellers, with a comprehensive news and advice section) we demand well written, informative and accurate content that is always produced to deadline - and Sprout Content never fails to deliver. Their writers are enthusiastic, communicative and great idea generators. Don’t hesitate to hire them!" ~Nicky Tatley – Managing Editor, Dynamis PLC.