B2B Influencer Marketing

Influencer marketing has been around since ancient Roman civilization, when whom you knew in society was essential to the success of your business. Today, influencer marketing works on a global scale.

Making connections and sharing information has never been easier. We all have the ability to connect with anyone in a simple click. With that power comes the opportunity to influence others and become an influencer in your own right, as a thought leader in your industry.

As a B2B marketer, you are (hopefully) blogging on your own site. But what about sharing your industry expertise on sites beyond your own with a much greater audience reach? Our B2B influencer marketing strategy leverages the influential impact of top business sites to serve as a platform for your industry insights.  

"People do not buy goods and services.  They buy relations, story and magic."

-Seth Godin

Why should B2B companies have an influencer strategy?

Many B2B companies know that the content only published on their site doesn't reach enough people, or the right people, and their social media efforts produce little outcome. That's why we developed a strategic influencer marketing program for the B2B market that uses highl level content and social media as an integral part of an inbound marketing strategy - to make connections, share your company's expertise and attract the right audience that is in need of your help. Our approach to influencer marketing positions you as the influential expert and authority in your industry. 

Our influencer marketing program for B2B companies can include:

  • Clearly defined strategies for each social media channel that are relevant to your business
  • Authentically building your social media presence and community
  • Identifying prominant business sites where you can contribute your expertise and become a known resource and authority
  • Consistently developing relationships and building trust
  • Curating and sharing educational content 
  • Developing influencer campaigns focused on timely topics that are important to your buyer personas

We develop custom B2B influencer marketing strategies based on your inbound marketing plan and goals. Let's talk about how a strategic influencer marketing program can highlight your expertise, draw attention to your company, position you as an authority with the media, and organically build trust with your audience.

How do we help you connect with influencers?

“We’ve developed a program to propel your industry expertise into the spotlight, so you become an trusted influencer, organically and authentically. Then, when someone is in need of a subject matter expert, they come to you first.” - Debbie Williams


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