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Why Aren’t People Seeing my Facebook Posts? Facebook Likes Are as Important as Subscribers.


Facebook LikesThere’s been lots of chatter in the social media marketing world about a drop in views and reaches of their Facebook posts . There’s been an equal number of complaints by people about not seeing their usual newsfeeds from personal friends and business pages they “Like.”  The good news is that as a business page owner or Admin, there are ways you can help your content get seen and shared by more people and find out how many people are viewing your posts. It’s just a matter of playing the new Facebook game and managing your news feeds differently.  In fact, your posts might already have further reach than you think. 

1. Encourage Interest Lists

Interest lists were launched by Facebook in March 2012 and went relatively undetected by many users.  The intention of Interest lists is to allow people to turn their newsfeed into a personalized “newspaper” of sorts. Facebook users can create their own lists of favorite people and business pages that they then “Subscribe” to.

You can encourage your Facebook Fans to add you to an Interest list by telling them how to create one. Here is a sample post that many businesses have been sharing on Facebook:


Interest lists can also be created on your Home page on the bottom left corner:



2. Monitor Your Subscribers

This is where it gets tricky for businesses.  People don’t have to “Like” a page to subscribe to their updates! (So much for all those “Like us on Facebook” efforts). So there could be hundreds of people who subscribe to your updates that have never officially “Liked” your page. 

You can find out who has added your page to their Interest lists without officially “liking” your page.  Go to the Admin panel on your business page > Next to the new Likes section, click See All > Select Subscribers from the dropdown menu People who like this.  This will show you all of the people who subscribe to your page.

The most important thing to remember is to create valuable content on Facebook that people will want to read, subscribe to, “Like” and share! This will generate more fans and subscribers and keep people tuned into your brand. 

Marketers are all wondering how to compete for precious real estate in the one billion Facebook newsfeeds with all of the noise, paid offers and clutter going on.  Since half of Facebook users access the social networking site via a mobile device, that little piece of the pie is even smaller area to capture their attention.  Find out more how social media content can help grow your audience and your business.   


Thanks for writing on this.  
I'm getting about 10 to 25 percent engagement on average, and I just don't see the use in putting my time or money into getting likes if that's going to be the return. 
I will try some of these tactics, but hopefully Facebook simplifies things soon.
Posted @ Thursday, September 05, 2013 12:39 AM by Johnny Ringo - Female Wrestling Channel
A couple of years ago,the big hype was get FB page likes and engage.It was working very well.We had post likes,comments etc,until all of a sudden only a handful of people were seeing our posts and participating.Mainly those that do not engage. 
Even after promoting posts that were sure to gain momentum only a handful of thousands engage.It is unethical in my opinion to have us pay for our posts to be seen by OUR Fans. 
I will try these suggestions to get Subscribers instead of Page Likes. 
Thanks for this advice!
Posted @ Wednesday, October 30, 2013 8:11 AM by Derrick Davis
We have worked hard to promote our brand and are sadden to see the number of views drop from thousands to hundreds and now double digits. I appreciate you putting this article together. Can you show me where to find this info: 
the Admin panel on your business page > Next to the new Likes section, click See All > Select Subscribers from the dropdown menu People who like this. This will show you all of the people who subscribe to your page. 
I can't seem to find it on my admin page??
Posted @ Tuesday, December 10, 2013 4:16 PM by Mountain News
You can also ask people to tick the 'get notifications' option - then they'll be told whenever you post. I've written about this today on my blog (link in profile)
Posted @ Monday, December 16, 2013 7:08 AM by Nikki
Who do you guys feel about purchasing likes on Facebook?  
I like what this guy said about Facebook pages going viral and purchasing links...
Posted @ Monday, February 24, 2014 1:43 PM by Adrian Aponte
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