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Why Keywords Matter in Your Content Marketing Strategy


old keyYou’ve developed goals and objectives and defined your brand’s voice; your content marketing strategy is well on its way.  While it’s exciting to get carried away and start popping out blog posts and web page content, stop, take a deep breath and plan out your keywords first. The right keywords set the foundation for all other content you create.


Here are some things to think about.

1. Keywords Set a Foundation. Keywords should provide guidance to all content written on a web page. Think of them as topics, instead of keywords if that helps. If you're stuck in your keyword research, try a free keyword research tool like Google AdWords. Hubspot has a great tool too and we’d happy to show you how it works.

2. Keywords Inspire Content. Your keywords should be connected to all new content you create, from social media posts to blog titles in your editorial calendar. Any terms that are too broad to use as keywords on your main web pages, but are still relevant to your content, can be used to inspire blog topics.

3. Keywords Guide SEO.  Search engines use keywords to figure out the purpose and relevancy of your content. Using keywords wisely will help the search engines connect the dots and guide potential clients to you. The rule of thumb is to have one or two strong keywords per web page (not a dozen). Use these keywords in the beginning of the <title> tag and at least twice in the body text.

4. Keywords Keep Search Engines on Their Toes. Creating new content, such as e-books, blogs or even web page revisions will keep your content interesting to your audience. It will also encourage those pesky search engines to review your website regularly so it doesn’t grow stagnant, outdated and irrelevant.


Is keyword development a part of your content marketing strategy? We'd love to hear why keywords matter to you. 


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