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Is Your Golden Content Hidden Like an Easter Egg? See Why Sharing is Key to Your Content Marketing Strategy

Sprout ContentEasterEggs

We often associate Easter with a time of joy. With all of the sunshine, bunnies and chocolate, who doesn’t have a soft spot in their heart for the pastel colors of the season? If you grew up with siblings or peers, Easter can also represent a time of serious competition. A peaceful day can turn quickly into grass stains and panic when hidden Easter eggs are thrown into the mix. As the baby of my family, I was lucky to get a not-so-subtle clue from my parents each year leading me to pinnacle of any Easter egg hunt: the golden egg.

The Secret to Staying Consistent with Social Media Marketing

social media marketing

We often see marketers set up a Facebook page, Twitter profile, and LinkedIn account. Then, they read an article about Pinterest and join Google+ on a whim and think their content marketing is taking off with a bang. Instead, all that bangs is their head against their desk as hours of each day are spent trying to create and manage conversations in five different communities.

How an Inbound Marketing Firm Can Help You Build Your Hurricane


Let's get real for a moment here:

4 Things You Want to Hear from Your Inbound Marketing Agency

Boost Website Traffic

When a business signs a contract with an inbound marketing agency, they have certain expectations — expectations that both the partner and agency established together on Day 1.

Is it Possible to Create Content that Spans the Globe?

content marketing

We help a variety of companies outside of the US with their content marketing strategy and development.  From the UK to India and Saudi Arabia, clients turn to us to create personas, keyword strategy, SEO content, lead nurturing campaigns and more. This week, we’re talking with a company out of Singapore looking for content marketing help.  

Why is So Much Content Boring?


I recently read an article in Inc. Magazine “How the Pros Create Great Content.” It was a crowd-sourced piece where several columnists shared their advice on writing content that’s compelling.

Content Marketing Isn't About Luck


It’s easy to be energized by the spirit of St. Patrick’s Day. Between the celebrations, the shaky attempts at an Irish accent and wearing more green attire in one day than you will all year long, we enter spring hopeful, with a little luck on our side.

Give Away your Knowledge, Gain More Business

Harley Davidson

Content marketing is all about building trust and loyalty by delivering helpful information to your audience. While we've only just been calling this strategy "content marketing" over the last decade or so, brands have been building these relationships for a long time.

5 Ways to Grow your Business with Inbound Marketing


Most of the marketing professionals and business owners I talk to have the same problem:

Get to the Guts of Your Brand Story with the Right Content

content marketing book

Words stir the imagination, spark emotion, and transport people into a different mindset. A great example of this transformation is seen in a video that went viral in 2011 called “The Power of Words.”

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