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Negative Online Content & Reviews – It’s a Person-to-Person Matter

Negative Reviews

Whether you’re a frustrated customer leaving an online review, or the business owner or manager receiving it, one thing that has to be considered by both parties is that you’re still communicating person-to-person. 

Biggest Takeaways from Content Marketing World 2014

Content Marketing World

After returning from Content Marketing World with over 2,500 fellow attendees in Cleveland, Ohio last week, I was left with one resounding insight: Like many things we complicate in life, we often complicate content marketing. If we look at it for what it really is, creating something that attracts, entertains and inspires people to take action, we see that content marketing is unbelievably simple. That’s not to say that it doesn’t require time, strategy and work to achieve, but content marketing, when carried out with a well-laid plan, can mean measureable success for businesses.

HubSpot Expands to Sales: Tools your Team will Want to Use


With over 10,000 attendees (including our Dechay Watts, Debbie Williams and Chris Hawkins) at HubSpot’s annual INBOUND 2014 conference this week, we were expecting big things. After all, at last year’s conference the marketing platform announced a Content Optimization System that revolutionized the way we thought about web design and content management. Today’s announcement is just as exciting.

How One Blog Post Nearly Put Our Content Marketing Agency Out of Business

content marketing agency stats

Like most legitimate content marketing agencies, we put a lot of effort into our SEO strategy.  We have maintained a first page ranking for Content Marketing Agency the past two years and even received an award for the most traffic growth from HubSpot last year. Our entire business is built on leads that come in from our website. So much so, that we hired a business development person last year to help us manage the inquiries.

5 Reasons Your Content Needs to be Mobile Now

Mobile Content

If your content isn't mobile, your business is losing money. That may seem like a strong statement, but the stats support its truth:

Starbuck’s Pumpkin Latte Lacks Transparency… and Pumpkin


Starbucks is one of the first corporations on the scene this year pushing for fall, already pumping out their signature (and most popular) seasonal beverage, the Pumpkin Spice Latte.

Content Marketing Lesson #1: Businesses Don't Make Decisions. People Do.


When people are passionate about a businesses they interact with, they want to tell others. Often, companies feel they need to be the drivers of conversation about their business and fear letting their customers speak for them, when actually, people who love a company’s products and services are the greatest, most authentic marketers - these are your brand evangelists.

Inbound Marketing Doesn't Happen Overnight

Inbound Takes Time

Inbound marketing is like saving for retirement. It requires a plan with goals, targeted effort and most important, time. And like saving for retirement, the earlier you start the better.

Why Should I Care About Inbound Marketing?

Online Purchase Graphic

It's pretty clear at this point that inbound marketing isn't a fad. It's not a flash-in-the-pan bandwagon that everyone jumps on and jumps off of. It's not going to be replaced tomorrow by the next shiny object on the horizon.

What Does the Future Hold for Content Marketing?


There is something special about an industry facing changes. The idea that there is more to learn and achieve provides a sense of excitement to move forward. Of course, if an industry is failing (remember Blockbuster?), change can indicate an inevitable end. In the evolving world of content marketing, it’s safe to say that change is good. Very good, in fact. According to research by the Content Marketing Institute this year, 93% of B2B marketers use content marketing and 90% of B2C marketers use content marketing.

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