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Hiring In-house vs. Agency for your Inbound Marketing

In House vs Agency

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Maximizing the Reach of Your Content Marketing

Blog in Forest

If a tree falls in the forest, and no one is around to hear it, does it make a sound? 

How to Brainstorm to Avoid "Boring" Content


Brainstorming. The name itself sounds grueling. Whether you carry out brainstorming with lists, research, or meetings, coming up ideas for new content can seem like tedious work. If the thought of brainstorming for your industry is enough to induce yawning, then it’s time to rethink your method. It goes without saying that no one wants to write or read boring content. Even if you are in one of the most technical, unglamorous or what some may consider "boring" industries, you have the same opportunity as consumer brands to come up with amazing content.

Is Your Business Stuck Behind the Scenes? Find out How A Content Marketing Agency Can Bring You to Center Stage


A lot of businesses we talk to share a similar predicament – they are the type of product or service that’s often “behind the scenes” and not widely known unless you’re in that industry. In fact, one of the things that we love most as a content marketing agency is learning about new industries and different types of businesses that we may not have known even existed.

Is your Blog Missing One of These 7 Content Marketing Essentials?

content marketing

Consistently publishing blog posts on your website is one of the most effective ways of boosting your online presence and connecting with prospects.  All of our clients have seen great results from blogging at a minimum of one time per week.  But there are a few essentials in the blog set-up that need to be taken care of before jumping into the fun part of developing content. 

Boring Content: Lessons Learned from our Recent Webinar

No Business is Boring Webinar

We talk a lot about boring content here at Sprout Content. That is, how to avoid creating it.

4 Sources for an Endless Stream of Blog Topics

4 Sources for Blogs

Blogging is one of the easiest and one of the hardest tactics of an inbound marketing program. Starting a blog is simple. Writing takes time but usually flows with the right topics.

New Findings: Essentials for Successful Content Marketing Careers

Careers in Content Marketing

A new study produced by our friends over at Software Advice (a management software reviews website) set out to determine what it takes to move ahead in your content marketing career in 2014.  While their report focused specifically on the most common job requirements listed by employers looking to hire Content Marketing Managers, the results shed light on what nearly any prospective employer or client is expecting from a content marketing professional.

B2B, Manufacturing, IT & Regulated Industries - We’re Talking to You!

boring content

We firmly believe - there is no such thing as a boring industry, and content is only as dull as you make it.  You don’t have to be a coveted lifestyle brand, the latest shiny new tech toy or a hot spot destination in order to create interesting, original, and dare we  say… fun content!

Do You Really Know Who Your Customers Are?


It’s human nature to be cautious of the unknown. We associate not knowing what to expect with danger or failure. As a result, we arm ourselves with planners, reminders and meetings to prepare for what is to come. With all of the ways in which we insist on being informed, we sometimes miss the mark. Though you might think you have your customers figured out, do you really know who they are?

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