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Business Moves from Industrial to Social Age with Content Marketing

Posted by Molly Bruno on Fri, Oct 17, 2014

As we all recall from history class, the industrial revolution marked an enormous turning point in history. Staples of society like manufacturing, transportation, agriculture and technology were drastically transformed in the industrial age to become faster, stronger and more efficient. During such a time of change, the need to adapt and stay up-to-date was essential.

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3 Reasons Why Business Owners Should Attend HubSpot Inbound

Posted by Chris Hawkins on Wed, Oct 15, 2014

If you own a small or medium-sized business, put September 8-11, 2015, on your calendar. That’s the week that Hubspot’s annual marketing conference, Inbound is going down.

This is your chance to attend what I’ll call the University of Inbound Marketing—everything you wanted to know about how to grow your business using this methodology.

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A Clear Audience Strategy is the Foundation of Any Successful Inbound Marketing Strategy

Posted by Debbie Williams on Fri, Oct 10, 2014

Now that we’ve been back from the HubSpot INBOUND conference for a few weeks, I’m finally able to dig in a little deeper on some of the more important points with which I left Boston. 

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The Results Are In: Inbound Marketing Agencies Rule the ROI Roost

Posted by Justin Lambert on Thu, Oct 09, 2014

HubSpot's recently released State of Inbound 2014-2015 report contains a tremendous amount of interesting, encouraging, and actionable information that you definitely need to review if you're involved in any sort of marketing or sales.

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5 Ways to Nail Influencer Marketing From Lee Odden

Posted by Molly Bruno on Fri, Oct 03, 2014

Social media reigns in the world of content marketing, and for good reason. Social media platforms allow real people to share real information about your industry or business. For marketers, this goldmine of authentic conversation must not be ignored. Intro: Influencer Marketing. Influencer marketing is marketing that identifies and targets individuals with influence over your audience and potential buyers.

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Observations from Hubspot Inbound 2014 (Book your 2015 Trip Now)

Posted by Chris Hawkins on Thu, Oct 02, 2014

Impressive. That’s the first word that comes to mind when I’m asked, “So how was Inbound?” Inbound is Hubspot’s annual inbound marketing university, party and phantasmagoria all rolled into one.

From the vastness of the Boston Convention and Exhibition Center (BCEC) to the tightly focused educational breakouts to the seamless logistics—something usually not given much thought by attendees until something goes wrong—Inbound 2014 was impressive.


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How Businesses Should Use a Blog

Posted by Justin Lambert on Wed, Oct 01, 2014

The venerable corporate blog stands under the spotlight at the International Content Marketing Museum*, beneath a glass dome, on a gleaming copper pedestal, with red velvet rope surrounding it and millions of marketers oohing and ahhing on all sides.

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Tags: Content Development, Blog Writing Tips, Editorial Content Strategy

Storytelling Necessities from Andrew Davis at Content Marketing World

Posted by Molly Bruno on Fri, Sep 26, 2014

The speakers at Content Marketing World taught us many things, but only one entered the stage to the song “Turn Down for What,” taking us on a caffeine-charged journey through what makes our audiences tick. Andrew Davis, author of “Brandscaping: Unleashing the Power of Partnerships” and highest rated content marketing speaker, got right to the point. “We have a funnel problem, people.”

Davis went on to show slide after slide of reinvented sales funnels, poking fun at the constantly changing method. What we learned next is that storytelling is really less about the funnel and more about understanding the moment our audience is inspired to take action.

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Tags: Content Marketing News, Storytelling

Negative Online Content & Reviews – It’s a Person-to-Person Matter

Posted by Debbie Williams on Fri, Sep 19, 2014

Whether you’re a frustrated customer leaving an online review, or the business owner or manager receiving it, one thing that has to be considered by both parties is that you’re still communicating person-to-person. 

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Biggest Takeaways from Content Marketing World 2014

Posted by Molly Bruno on Thu, Sep 18, 2014

After returning from Content Marketing World with over 2,500 fellow attendees in Cleveland, Ohio last week, I was left with one resounding insight: Like many things we complicate in life, we often complicate content marketing. If we look at it for what it really is, creating something that attracts, entertains and inspires people to take action, we see that content marketing is unbelievably simple. That’s not to say that it doesn’t require time, strategy and work to achieve, but content marketing, when carried out with a well-laid plan, can mean measureable success for businesses.

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